Work at maximum comfort & highest efficiency!

One Stop Solution

AC Forster is set up by a team of experienced furniture experts who have aggressively pursued policies that aim to create a "One Stop Solution" for its customers. Customers used to work with different vendors for everything they need to use in their office space. Now they just have to consult AC Forster and get a "One-stop" service from the company so that customer can avoid all the unnecessary problems that may arise with different individual vendors, it will speed up their sourcing process and allow customers to finish the renovation process in a faster manner at lower costs.

Quality Assurance

AC Forster is committed to providing the best quality products and services. With over 15 years expertise in custom made furniture, we have set up a comprehensive product development procedures and a high standard manufacturing process that ensure our products meet our customer's need. We continuously monitor the market trend and improve our design and quality of our service. Our prime strategy is to provide a one-stop servicing center for direct and efficient communication. On-time deliveries is our fundamental self-requirement.

Our Promise

AC Forster promise can be seen in our slogan "Work at maximum comfort & highest efficiency".

With this promise in mind, the company strives to offer the best comfortable office furniture and quality renovation solutions through continual technical and design innovations with the highest level of professional services, which in turn, enhance the highest efficiency of the people working in the newly developed environment.

What make us different?